Old english tattoo fonts

Old english tattoo fonts

The first pieces of skin art were introduced to british people in the middle of 18th century. Captain James Cook came back from expedition to Terra Incognita that was later named Australia. Locals had a strange tradition to celebrate coming of age with a distinctive piece of body art. Old english tattoo fonts were influenced heavily by subjects of primitive culture.

The famous explorer depicted the ritual in his journals and named it 'tattow' - the way tribal people pronounced it. Almost a century passed before spelling was changed to conform english phonetics and art conquered the hearts of young people. Tattoo workshops were crowded and artists experimented with new 'canvas' - human body.

Despite technology has made a huge step forward and the old technologies are no longer applicable, modern culture still has a place for classic art. Created with passion for european cultural heritage, they shine among modern work.

Do you want a truly old english font tattoo? Wait no longer! You are few steps away from acomplishing your dream.

Exploring the world of tattoo art

Despite many artists offer free fonts for personal use, finding the right one may be challenging. A few years ago you'd have to scan hundreds of available options to see which fits best. Luckily today it is no longer required. TattooFonts team has collected diamonds of art industry for your convenience.

Old english tattoo font come in great variety. Try different combinations, let your creativity shine. Feel free to use our database as reference material for own projects. All fonts are provided for personal use free of charge. Consider different options - remember that your choice is permanent.

Quality of resulting art work depends a lot on the tattoist. Take your time to find experienced professional. Sometimes it's a good idea to ask a young talent to perform the work. It isn't necessary to stick to your sketch. Let artist do his work and design a custom design based of your idea.

If you want to choose a font for your tattoo lettering - use our free service of fonts selection and create your own unique sketch of tattoo lettering



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